Praise for The Sanctum

Pamela King Cable has created an unforgettable heroine in Neeley McPherson, a remarkable young woman of such courage and spunk that she dares to stand against unspeakable abuse and injustice not only for herself but also for her beloved caretaker, Gideon. Fleeing a horrendous life, Neeley discovers the true meaning of family, forgiveness, and love in a wolf sanctuary, which becomes a central metaphor for the difficult journey we all must undertake to find our way home.Thoroughly enjoyable book!”

Cassandra King Conroy, Bestselling author of Moonrise, Same Sweet Girls, and The Sunday Wife

“This coming-of-age tale, The Sanctum, brings readers deep into the underbelly of the Carolinas, introducing us to a spunky young woman named Neeley who captures our hearts and breaks them at the same time. When life takes a few bad turns, she hits the road with a friend she is determined to protect from the dangers of violent racism. Tucked in the mountains, Neeley comes head to head with robed Klansmen while learning the secrets of her family’s past. With a circle of compassionate strangers, a first love on the brew, and a pack of wolves in her midst, Neeley discovers the true meaning of family and faith. In this gothic but inspirational tale, Pamela Cable thrills readers with her tight plotline, lyrical scene descriptions, and complex character development. She also leaves us aching for more.”

Julie Cantrell, New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of the Christy Award winning novel of year, Into the Free

“Filled with timely questions of race, religion, and belonging, The Sanctum is told through the broken yet resilient voice of Neeley McPherson of Summerfield, North Carolina. Emotionally and physically scarred by the immense loss she suffered as a child, Neeley is determined to save Gideon, the beloved elderly African-American man who raised her, from the racist hypocrites in her tight-knit community—and ultimately to save herself. Its mystique evocative of The Secret Life of BeesThe Sanctum is the kind of novel you will find yourself reading out loud simply to hear the cadence of language, and yet is so engrossing, you won’t want to stop until you have reached the satisfying conclusion, declaring that the truth will indeed set you free.”

Jolina Petersheim, Bestselling author of The Outcast

The Sanctum is a must read for people who love Southern novels. The female version of Athol Dickson, Cable uses some strong language for character development purposes, but her writing will truly take you to the South and allow you to experience the gritty truth that it wasn’t all beautiful plantations and flowers. She’s an expert at character development, and she’ll rip your heart out while she makes you cling to hope.”

B. J. Robinson, Author of Calm Before the Storm.

“In her latest novel, The Sanctum, Pamela King Cable uses a wide array of brushes to paint a stunning picture of 1960 North Carolina. With imagery that wraps itself around you, characters so real you can feel their heartbeats, and a strong narrative that takes the reader from the depths of despair to breath-taking joy, The Sanctum is Southern Literature at its best.”

Lynn Chandler Willis, Author of Unholy Covenant and The Rising

Pamela King Cable has crafted a mystical coming of age story with The Sanctum that reminds one of Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees. Set in the mountains of North Carolina—a young protagonist escapes an abusive upbringing and finds herself in a surprising Native American setting where family secrets are revealed and a lifetime of suffering is avenged. Cable’s Neeley also takes the reader back to Harper Lee’s “Scout” in To Kill a Mockingbird. Beautiful prose dotted with colorful dialogue and panoramic scenery enrich this page-turning Southern mystery.

Susan Cushman, editor, A Second Blooming: Becoming the Women We Are Meant to Be (coming in 2017 from Mercer Universitiy Press); contributor to The Shoe Burnin’: Stories of Southern Soul and Circling Faith: Southern Women on Spirituality.

 “The Sanctum covers well-trodden Southern territory—Negro farmhands, Bible Belt Christianity, and the Ku Klux Klan. But author Pamela King Cable so deftly weaves the mystical and her own insights into such well-drawn rural settings that the reader can again be rapt in a unique Southern setting. The author tenderly renders her characters against the violent outcome of racism and misinterpreted Christianity. You’ll want to read this book in one sitting.”

Virginia Freedman, Teacher, Durham, NC Public Schools, Admin. Director, NC Writers’ Network 2006-2011

Pamela King Cable draws you straight into Neeley’s little girl character on page one and keeps you in her shadow throughout each and every page of The Sanctum. … Cable paints a severe picture of deep North Carolina during the civil rights era, and once you start reading what Neeley faces, you have to keep reading until you see how she comes out on the other end, and what this harsh journey does to her in the process. Excellent, three-dimensional description and characters you can touch and smell.”

C. Hope Clark, Author of The Carolina Slade Mystery Series, Bell Bridge Books. Editor,

“In a world where the evil of man can be hidden remarkably well from the mainstream – this story reveals and gives inspiration. It touches the heart and soul with spirit. As a reader, you become a part of this story before you realize it, and are thankful to be a part of it. This is a book for all ages and within its carefully crafted words lies a level of sincerity we would all like to aspire to. The world deserves this author’s beautiful work.”

Deirdre Brandt-Brockwell, City of Burlington, NC

 “The Sanctum is one of those books that gives you wings. A story of families lost and created, Pamela King Cable’s second novel proves that she is one of today’s finest Southern writers. With turns emotionally searing, lyrical and uplifting, this coming-of-age journey nestles finally in a place of magic. Get lost in this story, and find yourself in a truly spellbinding and beautiful tale.” Laine Cunningham Award-winning author of He Drinks Poison